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Master Of Ceremonies - Wedding & Mitzvah MCS Philadelphia

Every A Sharp MC brings with them energy, elegance and excellence to every event they perform at. From the delivery of all formalities to conducting an event for any age groups, this role requires a very special individual. Our MCs are hand-selected based on what our executive producer Adam Weitz, calls “The It Factor.” They assist with your event planning, special requests, music, and theme of your party. Our MC’s host your party in a way that is understandable and fun for everyone!

MC Adam

Adam was born to entertain & plan events. As a 3rd generation performer, he quickly learned at a very early age that his dynamic personality, incredible singing voice, and leadership abilities would be the traits that would take him straight to the top of the industry. Adam is the founder of A-Sharp Production and throughout the last 25 years, Adam has led countless seminars for colleagues from all over the country. He is a multi-award winner of many competitions by major industry sponsors. With so many events needing great entertainment & event planning, having Adam Weitz will give you the A Sharp advantage.

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MC Jay

Believe it or not, Jay has been an MC since he was eleven years old. His outgoing and energetic personality makes him a leader on and off the floor. Jay produces some of the grandest events in the tristate area. Jay’s passion & professionalism not only earns him the respect of our clients, he is also a qualified educator and national mentor for his peers. Jay has an amazing ability to make those around him feel special which is why his events are always a blast!

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MC Mike S

Mike Schaefer started out as one of Xplosive’s most experienced and dynamic dancers. Since then, he’s utilized his extensive event experience and talent to become one of our best and most sought after MCs. Mike’s personality shines at every single event. Not only is he an outstanding leader, but he truly captivates guests at parties with his incredible style and charm. His humor and endless energy keeps guests smiling long after the celebration is over, too.

When asked to tell us about himself, Mike responded, “I truly love what I do. What always draws me back is our clients and my fellow entertainers. I look at my Xplosive team as family. We don’t just work together. We get together every week, whether it be out to eat, at a club, or even to go snowboarding up in Vermont. We know each other like we know our own families. When we work events, we’re not just working, we are also guests at these parties. If we are not having a good time then the other guests aren’t either. That’s why, at every event, we party as if it’s our own.”

He goes on to say, “I’ll tell you, I’ve never thrown a bad party. I love what I do. Once upon a time, I was a stunt man. After a long week on set, I needed an outlet. Thank you to all my Xplosive clients, past and future, for making this outlet possible. You give me something new and exciting to look forward to every single week.”

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MC Jordan

Trend setting, stylish, contemporary, and always raising the bar for Elevated Event Status. Jordan Marshall is the originator and President of Xplosive Entertainment. Since picking up a microphone in 2002, and with well over 1,000 Signature Styled Events under his belt, Jordan takes Event Concept & Design to new heights every time he's out! In addition to his modernized flare toward private events, Jordan has hosted and narrated in some of the most popular nightlife establishments throughout the country. He has even been asked personally to bring the Xplosive experience to places such as Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, Atlanta, Dallas, and Montreal. Not only specializing in the performance for your most special day, but also the development and branding, each Xplosive event powered by Jordan Marshall is entertainment defined!

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MC Mike P

Mike P is a true entertainment professional. He is one of NJ’s most sought after MC’s with his 20+ years of experience. We at A-Sharp Production are very fortunate to have Mike P on our team. Aside from Mike’s unmatched MC abilities, Mike is also a manager for our company with responsibilities including sales, event coordination, and managing our event enhancements. This means he gets thoroughly involved behind the scenes at every event. He ensures that your plasma TVs, photo booths, party favors,and more are all ordered, staffed, and delivered on time to the appropriate venue.

When asked to tell us about his passions, music and entertaining were obvious answers. However, Mike also highlights his love for soccer. He claims he started playing shortly after learning to walk, and later pursued soccer to a professional level. He went on to play on several all star teams that traveled the world. In fact, in 2010, Mike was inducted into the Soccer Hall of Fame!

When asked about his unique approach to entertaining and hosting events, Mike credits his Italian heritage. Coming from a big Italian family, Mike aims to host every event as if the guests were part of his family, too.

Mike P has the charisma, polish, and passion for entertaining to command any room. Although Mike didn’t share this with us, we also want to mention that he is quite the comic. His wit and ability to think on his feet always brings smiles to guests at events. Truly, you never know what Mike is going to say next.

Over the years, Mike has earned the slogan: “There ain’t no party like a Mike P party, cause a Mike P party don’t stop.”
Call today to book Mike P. for your next event!

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MC Joey

Energy, energy, and more energy! Joey comes to Xplosive Entertainment with tons of it, as well as a plethora of experience. He's a highly sought out dancer and MC for bar/bat mitzvahs and sweet 16s, and has been for many years. His style, charisma, and passion for performance are all truly unmatched.

Joey has also appeared in several television shows, including Rescue Me and an upcoming and Martin Scorsese Rock and Roll project for HBO. He's held supporting and principle roles in feature films, too. In 2013, he headlined and hosted Hip-Hop Hollywood, a live performing event series to showcase independent artists at the Premiere Supper Club in Hollywood,CA.  Joey is currently and excited to be working with Xplosive while continuing to progress in his entertainment career.

Call today to book Joey for your next event!

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MC Darren

Darren has been working in the private entertainment industry for many years. He is a natural born entertainer who loves to help others have the best time of their life. His charisma and moves have our clients requesting him for all of their celebrations!

Darren is currently a kickboxing instructor, and draws heavily on his work in entertainment for motivation during his classes. With Xplosive, you will often find Darren out on the dance floor, leading the younger guests in a high-energy routine or spinning mom around. He always goes the extra mile make your guests feel special and included in all the festivities.

Call us for more information about booking Darren at your next event!

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MC Dom

Dom was recruited into the private event industry at the young age of 15. His trend setting style and charming personality have made him a top tier talent ever since. He takes a professional and detailed approach to every event, both prior and during, to ensure the very best party possible.

Dom has made appearances in J.C Penney, Abercrombie, and Calvin Klein campaigns, just to name a few. He's also taken his industry experience and knowledge to radio stations 97.1 and 92.3. while working with some of the biggest names in music, including Nicki Minaj, DJ Khalid, Shaggy, and The Marleys.

As a Division 1 lacrosse athlete, Dom puts hard work and dedication into everything he does. In his free time, you can find Dom surfing at the beach or shredding the side of a mountain on his snowboard. His athleticism makes him one of our most energetic event igniters.

Speaking with Dom, you can easily sense his passion for the industry. “They say if you love what you do, you never work a day in your life. I can honestly say I love what I do.”
Favorite Color: Green.
Favorite Food: Hibatchi.
Favorite Sport: Lacrosse.
Favorite Saying: Life is better in board shorts.
Favorite Clothing Brand: Guess.
Favorite Time Of Year: Summer.
Favorite Place: Bahamas.
Favorite Team: Steelers.

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MC Gio

MC Gio is no stranger to hosting events. Gio joined the A-Sharp family early 2019, but comes from a very reputable background of hosting events. His look, style and personality make him the perfect event host.  Like most of the great MCs, Gio started as a dancer.  Very quickly he was on the mic and became a top sought after talent in NJ and NY.  Gio is proud to be able to manage unique and difficult situations.  He understands the importance of the MC role, yet with that said, he knows the show isn't about him and rather about the guest of honor and his or her family. If you are looking for a high energy and polished performance, Gio is the move!

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