A-Sharp Productions, Founder and Executive Producer, Adam Weitz comes from family of musicians. In fact, Adam started his career working as a roadie for his father’s well known Philaldephia band at a very young age. Growing up in a musical family, Adam quickly picked up various instruments and found a passion for singing and performing. Over the next 30 years, Adam built A-Sharp Production to a highly regarded, award winning entertainment company well known for it’s show-like performances. In fact, the A-Sharp team is often referred to as a “cast.” One of these cast members is MC Jay Berkowitz. Jay Berk (as most refer to him) started with Adam at the young age of 14.

Over time Jay blossomed to a top performer and another industry leader. During Adam’s tenure building A-Sharp, he was often found to be called up on by industry organizations, trade shows and conferences to speak and present at numerous seminars. It was through these groups that Adam met and became close with other industry professionals, Michael Langsner and Jordan Marshall of NJ based Xplosive Entertainment. In 2018, the three began discussing a merger. Then early 2019, this became a reality. A-Sharp and Xplosive became sister companies. Both brand’s kept their identity since both have a great reputation but now, together, they can operate in conjunction with each other now offering clients a bigger pool of talent and inventory of event services. The three, Mike, Jordan and Adam are very excited to see where the future brings them. Collectively, the creativity, talent and experience is unmatched.

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A Sharp Production brings over two decades of entertainment experience to its clients. A Sharp's award winning team specializes in interactive entertainment, live/DJ production, multimedia, novelties, and the best in event planning. A Sharp is built on the belief that YOU should be PART of the festivities and not just spectators. Call or sign up today today to learn more.

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